In the era of digitization

In the era of digitization, every work is done with computers and other electronic gadgets. Even the art is created digitally nowadays. However, there are several people in this world who prefers tradition artwork over digital art painting. Why is it so? Are there any benefits of choosing traditional media?
Let’s have a look at it and compare the digital painting with traditional artwork:

Pros of Traditional Painting

  • Traditional painting is a tangible product. It means that the painting can be stored, kept or displayed for years to years and generations to generations.
  • It looks more natural.
  • It is cost-effective in nature. Tools required to paint the photograph traditionally are definitely easier to buy than a computer or laptop.
  • It is an investment or a lifetime, as the painting can be used and valued by your children over the years to come.

Cons of Traditional Painting

  • It is a messy Process. It means that it needs a special set of tools and other equipment to paint the photograph traditionally.
  • Needs good amount of lightening.
  • Alternations can’t be done once the characters are painted on the paper. It might ask you to redo the whole work if no option is left other than revision.
  • Storage and delivery. You’ll need a lot of space to keep the painting carefully until it is delivered to your client, which is bit expensive than other methods.

Pros of Digital Painting
Digital Painting comes up with several benefits over traditional media. Few of them are listed below:

  • Images can be produced at anytime and anywhere, with no setup required; all you need is a computer or a laptop and an electricity connection you’ll be using to paint the images.
  • No need to purchase the equipment again and again, as a computer, laptop or graphic tablet doesn’t require replacement like tradition media equipment, paint or canvas.
  • Digital painting can be painted with several effects, filters and layers and then, can be sent directly to the customers via mail or FTP process.
  • Alternations are quite easy to perform, as it doesn’t require one to re-draw the whole piece and make a new copy but simply overwrite on the existing copy.
  • Doesn’t require pencil smudges or inks. Thus, it is efficient in nature and encourage you to work quickly, especially when you are bound to finish the work within a given time period.

Cons of Digital Painting
On the other hand, there are several disadvantages that are associated with digital paintings and are given as follows:

  • No single copy of work is created. It means that once the work is complete, it can be replicated easily by artists who known how to create its duplicates.
  • It is an expensive, process especially if you are buying a system for an artwork. You need at least 22 inch monitor screen and 4GB RAM to get the work done efficiently and smoothly.
  • Software is expensive if you buy an original one. Though free demos of the software are available on the internet, but they are not as efficient as the original one.
  • Hard to achieve natural and hand drawn look.

This is a complete overview of the comparison between traditional media and digital art work. Choose the art of your choice and get it done from professionals. We, at Doozypics, are a team of digital painters, who works best to their knowledge to achieve perfection in their work. Please do have a look at our website and contact us for more work. We are always available to serve you.