We are an expert in painting all kinds of photos of your choice, but the chosen photo should be clear, and concise. It should be in focus and has higher resolution properties.

The maximum upload size of any photo is 50MB per file.

The photo you want to upload should be in the format of JPEG or PNG.

You can upload a photo up to 50MB. However, in case if you have a larger file than this size, contact us at the given number and we’ll come up with a solution.

Go to the service section. Choose the favorite art of your choice and click on the button to upload an image from your system. The maximum file size you can upload per file is 50MB.

It’s quite simple. Just upload a photo first, select the type of size and change the background color you liked the most. We work to serve you, so all your needs will be fulfilled in an effective manner.

Yes, we are strict to our company policies and other guidelines. We love to finish our work on time. Be it a single image, 10 images or 100 images to be painted, we give you the same priority and your work will be delivered as per the given commitment.

Yes, we have hired only those people that are not only trained, but experienced in their own work. Our team works collectively to bring efficiency and perfection in their work.

We believe, happy customers are the only key to success. Thus, we offer an excellent customer service that is available for you round the clock, to answer all your queries and fulfill other needs.

We know, security is always a major concern for everyone, so does it with us. We take care of each and everything, and also make sure that none of your picture gets shared with anyone else. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety; you are completely safe with us.

You can share your picture by simply uploading it from your computer or email us. We accept pictures through both the mediums.

After you are done with your update, we will send you a link within a time period of 24-48 hours comparing the before and after effects of your fixed photo. If you give your final approval, only then we begin the final processing.