3D Miniature Dolls

3D Miniature Dolls

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Product Details:

  • Manufactured with Unbreakable Plastic
  • Advanced 3D Printing Technology.
  • Preview's will be shared for approval.
  • Unlimited revisions accepted in design.
  • 80 - 95% of accuracy will be provided.
  • process takes around  3 to 6 Weeks.
  • The sizes choices can be 8”,9”,12”
  • Coloring is done by our artists manually.
  • Free shipping all over India.
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    Are you looking to surprise your loved ones with a unique gift?

    If you have been thinking of a unique gift for your loved one or wish to treasure that beautiful moments of your marriage or birthday in more than just a still photograph or video form, 3d miniature dolls is the answer for you. The beautiful 3D dolls can be used for birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts and many more occasions, where you wish to share a memory or treasure that sweet time of your life. 3D miniature dolls are gaining popularity to save as 3D selfies, where 2 dimensional pictures are converted into a beautiful Mini-Me or 3D printed figurines.

    3D miniature dolls making process:

    The 3D miniature dolls are created for gifting and treasuring a special moment in life, or for self-use, therefore, the most comfortable and durable material to be used Is plastic. While most of the dolls are made in plastic, these dolls are completely machine made. Photo stills from all directions are preferred for delivery near accurate replica. The doll is created layer by layer following a computer generated 3D design. This is also known as additive process, as layers of material are used to build up and create a 3D miniature gift doll. The printing is done in full color with the help of gypsum- based binder jetting technique. 3D miniature gifts can be 3D figurines or 3D miniature statues. These 3D dolls are fully colored using PLA filament and are unbreakable.

    3D miniature dolls

    3D doll is a new way to personalize an office desk or a study table or even a house living room or bedroom. Selfie dolls are currently the best way to express your feelings to others or even show a sense of belonging. These dolls are extensively used to express you in the most unique way. The final product is created by taking multiple 2D pictures from all angles and creating a 3D model in the computer, once this computer generated 3D model is approved actually printing is done.

    This doll is created by using a high-tech 3D- printer, which was initially used to create prototypes of product models and over this time it has been successfully used for creating more than just prototypes or 3D miniature models, one of the popular item is the creation of miniature 3D replica dolls. This printing process is capable of producing customized 3D replica dolls with details as desired, therefore, creating a life like doll of the person intended for.

    Order to delivery Process

    Once you have placed your order, our team assesses the images sent to us. The creation process finishes in three stages, which includes manual and machine printing process. Instead of normal 2D photographs, 3D images are taken from all directions are sent to us. We than create 3D model of the same in computer and send for approval and if any change is required the same is corrected or changed at this stage, like if you want changes in facial features, hair style, color, height or dress, all can be done at this stage. This entire process takes close to four weeks.

    Once the 3D model design has been approved, 3D model printing begins. Once this step starts, structural changes are not possible. Plastic material is used for long lasting outcome. Although clay miniature models are also made but we do not make out of clay, as it is very fragile and would break with the slightest mishandling.

    Once the design has passed through printing process, these 3D miniatures are passed on for coloring to our artists. This last process will take 3 weeks’ time to finish. Easy to dry and durable acrylic colors are used to hand paint the miniature model. After this stage the images of the 3d doll is sent for final viewing, followed by shipping it to your destination. In the last stage only change that can be done is the coloring part. If you wish to do any color shade changes you can let us know now. Once this stage is also approved, final drying process begins. The drying process for the Miniature model takes 1 week. Once we are assured that the 3D miniature doll is perfectly made and dried we begin our shipping process and dispatch it for you.


    • All 3D miniature dolls are created in our warehouse are custom made.
    • The complete process takes 5 to 7 weeks of time, so do not try to hurry up with the process.
    • Once the order is placed upon confirmation by our team, we initiate the work.
    • Terms and conditions :

      • Once the order is confirmed, Replacement of photographs or changes in sizes or material won't be allowed.
      • After completion of the 3D design, We will be sending you the preview for approval through Whatsapp or email based on your convenience.
      • Unlimited Revisions or Modifications will be accepted in 3D soft copy design.
      • Once the design is approved, we will start designing the actual product.
      • Modifications won't be accepted in actual products.
      • After completion of designing the product, we will dispatch the product to the address provided.

      Refund Policy :

      • As the products are personalized order cancellations and refunds won't be accepted.
      • Damage Claims: Video must be recorded while opening the delivered package in case of damage replacements.

      *Damage Claims: Any claims for damage MUST be reported in 48 hours.

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