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Birthdays are very special no matter the gender or age of a person. Then again birthdays are also days when you can be most eloquent about your love to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and so on. Of course there is the birthday cake or wine bottle that you can safely gift to your loved ones on their birthday. However, these are too common, and don’t show you’re really heartfelt feelings for them. They too would be expecting something like this from their close people. Although they would be happy to receive even such common birthday gifts, these would not touch their hearts. If you want to really make your dear ones feel touched and very happy on their birthday then you should gift them something really unique and different. One kind of birthday gift that is becoming very popular nowadays is paintings. These are not just any paintings, but specially created ones of the person to whom you are gifting them, or two people or even a group.

Birthday Gifts for Friends

There is an old adage that says – God gave us relatives, but thank God we can choose our friends. Friendship is a beautiful relationship created between two people, who share common thoughts and feelings. A friend will understand you even if your family doesn’t. A friend’s birthday is special and it is the right time to show how much you appreciate their presence in your life. So it will be a good idea to think up some unique birthday gift ideas for them. You can opt for a caricature of the two of you together which will remind both of you of the special times that you had together. These caricatures are funny and yet they touch the heart and your friend will appreciate the trouble you took to make the birthday gift special.

Birthday Gifts for Husband


Your husband may not be the sole bread winner of the family but the guy does take on great responsibility of the whole family. Of course there is love between the two of you and his birthday is the best time to show him that you appreciate his contribution to the family. Of course he is the head of the family and you should make sure to gift him something special gifts for him on his birthday which shows your appreciation for all that he does for your family.
If you have kids then it is a good idea to gift him an oil painting of your whole family, and if it is just the two of you in the family you can gift him a couple pencil drawing. Oil paintings and pencil drawings are very artistic and such a well thought of gift will certainly touch him deeply. This is especially so if he appreciates art.

Birthday Gifts for Wife

Your wife is the love of your life and she starts and ends her day with her family in mind. From cooking, cleaning and even sharing the responsibility of earning money with her husband, a wife is a person you cannot thank enough. So you have gifted her gems and jewellery, clothes and other items, and this time you want to buy gifts for her that would really surprise her. In this case you can take a special photo of her which shows her in the best of her moods or even in a reflective mood. This photograph can be turned into a 3d miniature. The 3d miniature is a sign of your good times together or of your entire family together. She will truly appreciate such a unique gift and will be touched deeply.


Birthday Gifts for Mother or Father

Your parents are people you cannot thank enough, because they brought you into this world and then nurtured you while raising you to become a successful adult. Naturally you will have pictures of your childhood with you and your parents or even your siblings. Look in the old photo albums for such relics and then convert one of the best pictures of you and your mom or dad into a color pencil art. Color pencil art looks delicate and if this piece of art is made by a really good artist then your search for the unique gifting ideas ends just there. You parents are sure to feel touched by your gesture and they will feel proud to have raised you into the adult that you are.
Often parents are left behind in the hectic run around for life, but you can at least take out time to express your gratitude and love for them on their birthday with some really good birthday present ideas. Oil paintings, of their younger days, 3d miniatures of you and your mother or father and other such creative ideas will make your parents happy. These will definitely give them great joy art always pleases a person and nowadays oil paintings and 3d miniatures are done by really good artists. Your parents will be thankful to have a child like you.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids love surprise gifts and you can give your imagination a free reign when it comes to choosing gifting ideas for kids. You may think that as kids are young then you should stick to gifting them toys and books on their birthday, but you will be surprised to know that even younger kids appreciate art and artistic things. They are particularly attracted to bright and bold art items like mosaic art, and collage frames. These can be created from their very young days or special moments with you and other family members. These artistic reminders in the form of mosaic art and collage frames will surely touch the hearts of the young ones.
So get creative and gift your loved ones something different on their birthday. The best part is that such unique and beautiful gifts are available online also. This means that you don’t have to undergo hassles to gift your loved ones a unique and lovely gift.