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Photos Make You Smile!

They Can Make You Laugh Out

The ever evolving digital technology is continuously changing the world. This change has both advantages and disadvantages. In the case of photography, taking photos has become a child’s play. You can now click photos of anything, anytime, anywhere with the new technology advancements in digital photography using compact point-and-shoot cameras, high-end phone cameras, and their easy-to-use features. You click so many photos today in your day-to-day life, birthdays, anniversaries, and other beautiful events of your life that you actually forget to even appreciate these memories over the time and they get lost in between the gigabytes of storage space somewhere in some device.

We at Doozypics understand the importance and value of those beautiful memories in your life and we bring to you a creative collection of personalized photo- and painting- based gift products and services; from creating digital or handmade artwork from your photo to printing and framing them. We do help you smile while cherishing the photo artwork that we create for you but using our caricature art service, you will surely laugh out loud (LOL).

Caricature art gives your photo a fun and attractive comic or cartoon style look and feel, adding humor to the photo and to your life. Humor is attractive and hence it makes your photo a masterpiece. It looks great and it stands out on your wall.

Personalized caricature art is a wonderful gifting option and it does justice to mostly all beautiful memories and events in your or your loved ones life. You can gift it for wedding anniversaries as it looks sweet and funny at the same time, making the receiver happy each time he/she looks at it. A perfect gift for your kid’s birthday, as the kid loves cartoons and they happily connect with the caricature art. Caricature art can fit all beautiful events in your life and become a memorable gift for your loved ones.

We enable you to choose from a wide variety of predefined caricature artworks from our website, www.doozypics.com.


Our artist digitally hand paints the caricature for you and brings out the best and funniest features from your photographs based on your custom instructions. We also enable you to select from a variety of size options (such as 11 x 14, 12 x 16, and 16 x 20) and output types (such as softcopy, rolled canvas, and framed canvas).

With our skilled team of artists, who have an eye for detail and use the best creativity and software expertise to work on your pictures flawlessly, we at Doozypics are fully focused on quality and we guarantee 100% satisfaction to you.


We are backed-up with a strong customer support service centre that is committed to serve you via email, phone, and WhatsApp from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Using our customer support services, you can easily share your feedback or queries, request a quotation, and track your orders.

Start gifting now! To place an order, please visit us at https://www.doozypics.com or chat with us on WhatsApp at 7981106181.