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Friendship, the special bond we all have, some from childhood and some very recent. While the older it gets the bigger the bond we develop. What makes it the best relationship is that these
special friends are just there with you for no reasons, we all stand by each other at all times of life whether good or bad, we go through together. Each year we look forward to celebrating the bond as it gets a year stronger than the previous year, on friendship day. Over these years we have tried and explored different ways of celebrating this special day with our best friends, here are some of the new ways trending to celebrating friendship day 2022.

Save time, go online for friendship day gifts

Great websites such as Doozypics have a wide variety of fresh trending friendship day gift ideas for you. Photographs are excellent to gift and several other ideas like miniature dolls of you and your best friend can be a long lasting and a memorable gift to cherish together on a friendship day. There are some assorted ways you can make the best use of your old or new photographs and give them a new fresh look using digital art or get a super cool caricature artwork made out of it. There are several other ways one can express their emotions and golden memories with best friends. Going for an online gifting solution can save your time in many ways, as the online applications are safe and fast in customizing your ideas, and almost all works can be instantly available to download and put to use. This will give one the liberty to reach out to far away friends too in no time.

Oil Paintings

The online oil paintings provided by Doozypics are so comfortable and easy to customize. The digital handmade paintings are created using smart applications such as Wacom Pad and Stylus pen. The final product is captivating and worth going for further; the oil painting strokes make it a more treasured item for any receiver on the friendship day 2022. To ensure everything as per your choice there are several steps to confirm the finished product before it is final and shipped to the customers, anywhere across the globe.

Digital Paintings

Digital paintings make excellent gifts as they are quick and have a contemporary look and feel which is again extremely customizable to the core that will add the special touch for your best friend to feel special on this friendship day 2022. Digital paintings just like oil paintings are finished and shared for approval just like in physical stores, at this point any changes can be requested and once the final approval is given the printing and dispatching is done to the desired destination.

3D Doll

These are the most trending friendship day gift ideas you will find these days. Doozypics has this cool and special gift idea where you can share a memorable image and it can be converted into a 3D miniature doll for you. These 3D dolls are made out of unbreakable plastic which means these are very long lasting gifts, making them the most sought after gifts for the upcoming friendship day 2022. For this special gift you will have to wait for 3 to 6 weeks to complete.

Pencil Art

This is one of the oldest forms of art where graphite is the key tool, and the soft and hard strokes of the pencil creates a beautiful portrait as desired by you. Now that we are talking about online solutions here, the same effects are given by digital tools, but the end product is equally stunning just as the pencil art must look. Doozypics has this option which would help you to convert any pic you share into a beautiful pencil art work, worth cherishing for your best friend.

Color Pencil art

Needless to say this is more life-like with more color, yet soft and beautiful look and feel just as the color pencil art must look. This gift is ideal for gifting a childhood friend with whom you have spent hours playing with colors, or simply an art lover who loves the soft color pencil strokes portrait.

Caricature Art

Friendship day gifts for best friends are not easy to finalize, as the more you search the more restricted you feel and many times nothing matches the priceless friendship you share with your friend. Caricature Art at Doozypics is something that would bring an instant smile to the receiver, as any image you share that is converted into a fun looking caricature art. Who doesn’t want a friend to keep smiling even when you are not in front of them physically. Therefore, if you have not tried this, it’s worth giving it a try this special friendship day 2022.


The Word Collage takes us back to school and college days when we had all the possible latest and old assorted funny, serious and all sorts of pictures up on the room walls. It always had a story and strong emotional expressions to it. It is probably the oldest way one can keep revisiting the beautiful moments of life by just standing in front of the wall collage, such is the impact of a collage. Doozypics has this solution simplified online, making your childhood and grown up memories come live for you and your best friend. Gift a collage frame this friendship day to see that special reaction of your best friend forever.

Photo Frame

Photo Frames are classy and trendy and we all need them at home and office. They come in a wide variety of sizes, making it one of the most hassle free and treasured gifts of all times. The frame gives the choice to opt for the pictures of treasured moments and people close to us appear close to us wherever we want. Doozypics has beautiful photo frames in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

All the above friendship day gift ideas can be ordered online, therefore, one can choose what best suits to express the happiness of being into each other’s friendship before and cherish the friendship for many more years to come.