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A unique gift on Raksha Bandhan to further make the bonds strong.

The relation between brother and sister is truly unique and cannot be described in words. Although the relation between siblings is strong in all parts of the world, in the Indian context it takes a unique form of celebration on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

On this day the sisters tie a Rakhi on the right hand wrist of the brother and the brother in turn gives a gift to his sister along with the promise to protect her throughout her life. Nowadays according to the latest trend sisters have also started gifting their brothers with something special as a Raksha Bandhan gift other than the usual sweets and chocolates.

Raksha Bandhan is not just celebrated in India, but also in countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Mauritius. This is the regular celebration of this festival in the Hindu community. In the Jain community the priests give threads to devotees who visit the Jain temples. Sikhs however, celebrate the festival just like the Hindus and they call this festival Rakhi.

As mentioned above it is customary for the brothers to gift their sisters some token of their love and what better could it be than a pencil drawing or caricature of the two of them together. Even children understand art and they can choose some good gifts from Doozypics for each other.

Pencil drawings are simple but beautiful and they lend a different characteristic to the subject. Caricatures on the other hand are treated as works of art by us and they highlight the special characteristics of the subject.

We Doozypics provide customers with different types of art like oil paintings, 3D doll & digital painting etc. These gifts are customized and unique and the recipient will usually value them more than any other general gift. Oil paintings is a form of art that everyone recognizes. On the other hand 3D printing is the latest art form which we provide our customers.

With Doozypics you can go an extra step forward to show your sister that you really love her with a Raksha Bandhan gift for sister. We are able to provide you with any kind of painting, or pencil art & color pencil art that you like.

You can opt for a painting of your favourite holiday destination and some remarks regarding the time that you spent there together. You can also gift your sister a painting with a pictorial description of what you think about her. For instance, if you feel that your sister is an angel then you can gift her a painting or drawing of an angel with her face. This will be the unique and best gift for sister on Raksha Bandhan.

The COVID pandemic has taken a toll on every family whether in the form of bad health, monetary losses or even the loss of life. This is the reason that Raksha Bandhan 2022 is special because you are celebrating the success of your relationship with your sibling. We at Doozypics always have some gifts designed by our artists for every festival and Raksha Bandhan festival is no different.

There is no age limit to celebrate a festival especially the festival of Raksha Bandhan. In their advanced age, brothers and sisters have the ability to spend more money to buy unique Raksha Bandhan gift.

This is the reason that our artists and customer support staff put their heads together and come up with very interesting and unique ideas for gifts on the festivals celebrated in India. Even on Raksha Bandhan they keep some gifts ready for the brothers and sisters to celebrate their love for each other.

Here it is interesting to know the history of the Raksha Bandhan festival which is being celebrated since ancient times. There are many mythological stories involving gods and goddesses who celebrated Raksha Bandhan for various reasons.

In those days the bond of sibling love and the word of honour that they gave each other was more precious than any other gift. At the same time, the holy threads used to be amulets which women wore during prayer and then tied them on the arms of their husbands when they were leaving for a battle. In those days the tying of a Rakhi on the hand or arm was not restricted to brother and sister.

The piety of the festival still remains the same and now people prefer either materialistic or non-materialistic gifts for their brothers or sisters. If you remember a time which you spent together in any interesting location then it is a good idea to gift the picture of that place to your sibling.

Although Doozypics creates unique gifts they are very affordable and they are certainly not materialistic. Instead they show the true feelings that siblings have for each other. Although the brothers don’t really have to fight wars like the old times, but the raksha thread is supposed to protect them from mishaps if it is tied with the right kind of feelings.

If you are running short of ideas for the Rakhi gift that you should gift your sibling then you can choose from our pre-designed collection as mentioned above. Or you can discuss your ideas with our artists and they will come up with a work of art that will genuinely convey your feelings of love to your sister or brother.

Of course, the pencil art, paintings, and digital painting are popular, but the 3D dolls created by Doozypics have become extremely popular not just for the festival of Raksha Bandhan but all other occasions like birthdays, anniversary and other festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj etc. such unique gifts will show that you have gone an extra length to please the recipient.

All in all Raksha bandhan gift selection is necessary now if you really want to surprise and please your sibling. Just check out the website of Doozypics which will give you an idea of the kind of art we create. This is because Raksha Bandhan is not very far away and you can be prepared in advance for the special occasion.