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Marriage is a roller coaster ride. And one day to cherish this amazing togetherness is the anniversary. But each year as the wedding anniversary rolls around we get stressed as we start hunting for that perfect gift. And, it does not come easy, does it? You have to think about a million things before you make that choice. Yes, you want to make it as special as it comes. You ponder over likes dislikes, whether it conveys what you really want to say, and the budget (of course) and whether you have given a similar gift in the past. We gave it a lot of thought and came up with these three ways you can make your wedding anniversary gift a beautiful expression of love.

Make it unique- If you have always given a card and some flowers for your wedding anniversary, it’s time to make a change. A surprise may be, with something your souse is not expecting, something personal like an item of clothing or perfume. Then there is this constant dilemma of – Store bought or gift coupon or handmade? While nothing says I love you like a handmade gift, there is also this challenge of finding time to make one or having the talent to do so. Yet, a personalized and unique gift is something that always… always works. A good way to do that is get it personalized. Try personalized gifts, oil painting on canvas or even caricature art that captures a fun moment of your life.

Make it heartfelt-  A beautifully penned poem, a specially baked cake, a meticulously planned evening all spell heart felt. Yes, a marriage anniversary is really about the both of you so the gift should be too. Fish out an old sepia toned photograph from that vacation by the beach and turn it into Digital artsy. Or bring out many old pictures and create a collage with cute love notes. Your spouse is sure to treasure that forever.

Make it memorable- A forever kind of love deserves a forever kind of gift. One that brings back happy memories of beautiful times spent together. To make a wedding anniversary gift truly memorable look for something that can be placed on the table…think 3d miniatures, picture frames etc. Or try to get a painting commissioned if you can budget it. Another inexpensive way is to turn photograph into a canvas art print.  That way it’ll stay on the wall as a gentle reminder of your everlasting love.